The goal of the company is to continue developing FlowMac, PaperMac and PulpMac as top tools for simulation of pulp and papermaking including plants for  recycled Paper, TMP, Kraft Pulp, papermachines and paperboard machines. Decision support is the main target to achieve a high degree of added value and provide a competitive return on its users' efforts and investments. Models are designed from 150 active nonhierarchical blocks. Sessions on the web, flowmeeting, opened by a moderator, are run for support and training. 

Licenced big customers are ÅF, Pöyry, Voith, Metso,GL&V, Andritz, Holmen, SCA , Norske Skog and the former STFI renamed to Innventia.

Why not go straight to Demos and run some of them them from my server in a Flash file formate. Or open Manuals,Movies to run different functions. 

Papermac AB is based in Sweden, was founded 1987 and has its main office in Kolmården just north of Norrköpng. Lars Nyborg is the president and one of the main owners of the family owned company. He has been engaged in the pulp and paper industry for  50 years - in research, process optimization, paper product developement and during the last 23 years also in computer science.

The company cooperates with a network of qualified experts in different areas as, energy, pulp and papermaking, software programming, etc. There are partners all over the world. Together with Bengt Nilsson, Pulp-Mac AB, Papermac AB has a comarketing agreement for FlowMac. Pulp-Mac AB has developed a Chemical pulp libraries alltogether named PulpMac and based on FlowMac. Bengt has a qualified knowledge of chemical pulping, environmental systems and most problems at running of pulp mills. PulpMac is a further developement of the old KraftMac and have many new features. KraftMac is no more in the market.

Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed per review and transparency of process. The promise of open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.

The success of flowMac is based on crowdsourcing, defined as the act of taking a job traditionally performed by employees and outsourcing it to a competent group of customers in the form of an open call. Customers as Norske Skog, GL&V and ÅF Industry are frequent contributors to FlowMac. They have access to open scripts.

Many users  have their own blocks in FlowMac. GL&V supplies its Celleco lix  containing blocks for cleaners, filters, etc. for free. Norske Skog has 5 complete newsprint mill models  designed in FlowMac and probably the strongest simulation models ever made in pulp and paper.

Important note:blocks modified by other companies than PaperMac AB and Pulp-Mac AB are not allowed to be sold to other users without information and permission of Papermac AB and Pulp-Mac AB. Sorry to say - there is a pirate in the market trying to copy FlowMac and even offer support! See an demonstration of the plagiat! And another plagiat!


A way for licensed users of FlowMac to play together on the same selected computer screen and saving Carbondioxide emmision from travelling. An alternative name is Greenmeeting.

Flowmeeting can be even better than sitting next to each other in front of the screen or video projector screen. Instead of travelling for one long meeting several shorter meetings can be arranged. More time for developement of new ideas is then available. Contact for a trial.


Finally take your time!     and accept your age!

Latest news

Support and Upgrade of FlowMac

In the mid of 2014 I will close my and papermac AB:s responsibility for supply, upgrade and support of FlowMac. The reason is age and a very ... [Read more]

So far tests has shown that FlowMac can be operated by Extnedsim9. Models having up to 75 blocks can be rebuilt in Extendsim9LT.

[Read more]

Linerboard machine model
A Linerboard machine model used for production increase is now available in FlowMac. It is produced by the most experienced user of FlowMac.

An upgraded version of Extendsim is on the way. It has many promising new functions. Papermac will test it and upgrade FlowMac.

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Windows 8
Tested by one experienced customer. Extend6 runs without problem

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