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A tool for Evaluation of Pulp and Papermaking Processes.

FlowMac has been developed by PaperMac AB as a knowledge based system to be used by the pulp and paper industry in engineering and evaluation of mill performance. Process modelling for decision support is the main idea. The system is modular based with a graphical interface and made for modelling of pulp and papermaking. It is, compared to other modelling tools, much easier to use. Besides mass balances it includes accumulation of process knowledge, estimate of production costs and even paper properties. It is the strongest tool ever developed for use in preengineering of processes and pulp and paper products.

The Production Process in one Single Computer File.

FlowMac allows detailed modelling of pulp and paper production process for mass balances, dynamic simulation and the accumulation of process information. All the information contained in a FlowMac model including the flowsheet is saved in a single computer file which is easily transferrable by e-mail or hardware to suppliers or other offices, etc.

Construction of a model in FlowMac.

FlowMac is based on Extend a powerful simulation software developed by Imagine That, Inc. to run on Mactintosh or IBM compatible computers ( Windows 3.2, NT ,95, 98, 2000, xp, Vista and Windows 7). FlowMac contains a series of libraries with in total more than 500 blocks as chests,pumps, valves, meters, headboxes,etc. Many of them are designed for use in pulp and papermaking models. There are also 200 tutorial models in FlowMac to be used for training in use of the system and understanding of important processes. Complete models for TMP and RP pulping lines, papermachines or effluent treatment plants are included.

Models are constructed in FlowMac by connecting process unit blocks to a flowsheet on the computer screen. The blocks can be designed according to the specifications made by the mill. The resulting model on the computer screen looks much like the process flowsheet familiar to process operators. The flowsheet can be printed in colour.

Hardware requirements.

FlowMac will run on most PC and  Macintosh computers .  A large colour screen, at least 17", simplifies the design of the model flowsheet. FlowMac will also run on laptop computers. The size of a papermachine flow sheet can be 2000-500 kb and a large mill model up to 2000 kb. By use of internet, models can be transfered to experts for troubleshooting, etc. In this way Papermac and their customers can work together nextdoors. Support is given by use of web conference, e-mail and phone. Papermac is using Netwiever for flowmeetings on the web.

Graphical Interface.

FlowMac presents balances on a computer screen and prints a flowsheet in colour with important data animated close to each process unit. A section of a FlowMac flowsheet for a papermachine is given below.

The flowsheet demonstrates a cascade cleaner system. The model is constructed from a number of cleaner blocks each containing a pump and connectors for inject, accept, reject and dilution water. In each cleaner icon the inject consistency , %, is animated during the simulation.

Each cleaner block contains a dialog for data input, selection of run setup and presentation of important information as number of cleaners, pressure drop,etc. The dialog can be viewed and data changed while a simulation is active.

Simulation using FlowMac.

During a simulation, flows of water, fibre, fillers, steam, condensate and temperature and so far up to 60 tracers are transfered between blocks. Summaries of operation costs and energy consumption are included. If needed pressure and air content can be included in the balance Flows are iterated until a balance is achieved. A simulation can be paused to modify process parameters for sensitivity analysis. Sliders allow continous changes of important parameters, such as lip opening of the headbox or first pass retention of fibers in the wire section.

Time lags in chests, pipes and paper machine sections are included into dynamic simulations. Dynamic retention can be simulated.

Fractionation, up to 8 different fractions, and screening system can be modelled. Any data collected during a simulation can be transferred to ACSII files or to a spreadsheet (Excel, open Office, etc) for further analysis.A notebook for selected data can be made. Plotters illustrates flow of selected process parameters.

User Friendly Software.

FlowMac is simple to use. After only a few hours of training. normally on the web, the user can design models of complicated production processes. FlowMac is supplied to a customer including training and the modelling of a selected production process.

FlowMac Libraries now available.

The 19 different libraries contain in all more than 500 blocks for modelling of TMP plants, Recycled Pulp Plants, Paper machines, Effluent Treatment and complete mills. Modelling of complete mills. using the Mill library, for analyses of rebuilds, stops, energy bwww.norskeskog.com



Please download an excel file describing all the different blocks in FlowMac

Download windows FMBlocks.

Some FlowMac Applications:

  • Prengineering of a Process, New or Rebuilds
  • Modelling of the Complete mill including Energy and Heat Balance
  • Modelling of the Mill Environmental Situation (EcoMill)
  • Training of Machine Operators
  • TroubleShooting
  • Simulation of Control Strategies in Buffer Chests and Mill Unbalance
  • Knowledge Data Base for a Process Unit
  • Calibration of process instruments by use of a flow balance
  • Modelling the economy of a product. Mass balance of money!
  • Modelling of fractionation in screens. 9 different fractions!

New Developments

FlowMac is continuously developed to fulfill customer needs. There are daily discussions on Internet or in phonecalls about upgrade of different blocks. A library, Mill, earlier named MillMac, allowing simulation of the efficiency and unbalance of an integrated mills pulp , paper and water system and including unplanned and planned stops,has been successfully used in a couple of projects. Another library, PaperMac, includes tools for modelling of paper quality. Simulation of optical properties of newsprint, even coated, is now realized.

In One paper mill in Halden, Norway, a PaperMac model for simulation of optical sheet data at bleaching and addition of fillers and colors has been developed. The model has been loaded to the computer network and is used by machine operators for proper grade change. Savings per year is estimated to more than $ 2,000,000.

The papermachine steam and condensate system, ventilation and temperature balances and many other areas of interest for the papermaker and the training department.

Multimedia (video, sounds,etc) can be implemented in order to present details of a process unit. This is useful for maintenance management and in the training of process operators.

The possible future applications of FlowMac are limitless.

Some Current FlowMac Customers are:

  • Engineering companies as Jaakko Pöyry, CTS ,PIC Consulting, ÅF-IPK and PaperCon
  • Suppliers as ABB, GL&V Celleco, Voith, Metso, Fiedler,General Electric
  • Pulp and Paper Mills as Hylte, Skoghall, Aylesford, Braviken,Hallstavik,Mondi Finepaper, USA, Silverdalen, Follum and Skogn
  • Universities as UMIST, Karlstad, Complutense, Madrid, and Institutes as STFI, Stockhom and PFI, Norway

For details there is a complete FlowMac reference list

Downlaod a FlowMac Demo to be run in your computer!

If you should require any further information regarding FlowMac please contact Papermac AB.

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Windows 8
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