-The Tool for Study of Mill Efficiency

An unique library, Mill, earlier named MillMac and now included in FlowMac (earlier optional). Used in modelling and simulation of the mill balance, or in reality the mill unbalance.

To simulate the balance is not enough for a dynamic study of a mill and its problems with unplanned stops, too small buffer chests for pulp, water and broke, and uncorrect operation stategy.

A Mill model can show how efficiency of the mill is improved by modified strategies and/or larger buffer chests. Variations of flow of water to effluent is another problem that can be simulated.

The blocks in Mill are useable in FlowMac models and vice versa.

You can model and simulate:

  • Unplanned and planned stops of pulp or paper mills
  • Wet and dry Breaks in papermachines and the broke system
  • Buffer chests and their volumes for water, pulp and chemicals
  • Consumption of make up fresh water
  • Strategy for operation of different production units and Buffer chest level control.
  • Total efficiency of the Mill and its different production units

Mill makes FlowMac to an exclusive tool for modelling of the efficiency and environmental situation of pulp and paper mills.


  • 1997,Follum, Norske Skog, Norway. A study for dimensioning of a new buffer chest
  • 1997, ASSI Domän, Sturuvo, Slovakia. Bottlenecks and buffer chests. Mill water and fiber balance
  • 1998. Grycksbo,STORA, Sweden. Mill Study of the Broke system
  • 1998 Skutskär, STORA, Sweden. Pulp production in campaigns. Supply of Runtime model.
  • 2004 Grycksbo, Storaenso, Sweden Analysis of the broke system.
  • 2004- Golbay in France, Pisa in Brazil,Halden in Norway

Papermac AB offers:

  • FlowMac and libraries for modelling work
  • Complete studies of your mill and your problems with buffers including:
    • Mill modelling of your current mill
    • Analysis of your strategies for operation of your mill
    • Redesign of your mill - new buffer chests, strategies, etc.
    • Computer simulations
    • Layout
    • Estimate of investment costs

Download The Mill Demo for Windows or MacOS

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Windows 8
Tested by one experienced customer. Extend6 runs without problem

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