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2013-01-21 04:07Windows 7 and dialog problem
Block Dialogs in Extend6 are opened slowly and in steps. Corrected by selection of Windows classic in control Panel/appearance and personalization/personalizateion (tema in swedish)

2012-03-11 17:11FlowMac 6,11

Last upgrade includes new icons, better paper(board) specification, upgraded dialogs, Plotter data/time, etc

FlowMac is unique and the original mass balance software based on Extendsim. It runs in Extendsim8.

ABB and Draeger are a new customer s

2011-05-17 03:19FlowMac in IPad on SPCI
In the SPCI event may 17-19 an IPad solution for FlowMac is presented. Run of mass balances for water, fiber and filler can be done while you are inspecting your mill to find out how your process can be improved . Much faster access to FlowMac than in a conventional PC. 

2010-10-11 01:46Andritz expands its use of FlowMac
Andritz has during 2 years been a user of FlowMac. It has been valued as excellent in especially prestudies and Andritz has now ordered licences for another 4 superusers.
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2010-08-08 20:42Netviewer Meet

Papermac AB has upgraded its software for webmeetings to Netviewer Meet version 6.1 It makes it possible to run:

  • Online conferences with up to 100 participants
  • Simplify project collaboration and team meetings
  • Online sales and product presentations
  • Interactive software training from the user's own desk
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