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2010-03-30 04:59Further upgrade of FlowMac 6.10

Tracer meters upgraded by Bengt Ericson GL&V. One Tracer meter block can now be used for either 1, 3 or 5 tracers as selected.

Heat exchanger with views for parallel and counterflow. Elimination of a bug i Heat Adder and some small modifications.

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2010-03-05 00:17FlowMac Version 6.10
Version 6.10 is now on the server and ready for download by licenced and upgrade contract customers. The upgrade makes FlowMac to the outstanding software for modelling and simulation of pulp and paper processes. New functions, upgraded blocks, new icons, etc. are included in version 6.10. 
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2010-02-20 20:28Korsnäs - New Customer
FlowMac  is now introduced in Korsnäs for modelling of paperboard machines and their stock preparation units. Rebuilds will improve runnability and paperboard quality.
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2009-12-06 05:09New FlowMac customer i Brazil

Norske Skog Pisa has ordered FlowMac  to be used in a rebuild project of the mill. The modelling work is done by Focus, the research company run and owned by Norske Skog. Mill process engineers are engaged in the modelling work. The complete mill is included. Processes can be stopped to see what happens with buffer towers, effluent flows, etc.

Pisa is the the fifth mill owned by Norske Skog that has a complete FlowMac Mill model.

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2009-06-03 19:19Upgrade Licence Block
The warning date for close of the licence has been passed 090531. Ask Papermac AB for an upgraded licence block. Papermac  AB is the only supplier of FlowMac upgrades. Upgrades from another "supplier" are illigal.
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