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2009-05-14 17:20Poyry Sweden has ordered upgrade

Poyry Sweden hars ordered upgrade of FlowMac to 6.0.9 for offices in Karlstad, Stockholm and Norrköping.

2009-04-23 02:28Upgrade of FlowMac

There is a company named Frontbay trying to earn money from Papermac customers by "supply of upgrade" to FlowMac users and their old models. This company and its CEO Anders N. has absolutely nothing to do with FlowMac and does not even owns a FlowMac licence. The same for KraftMac and PulpMac. Their upgrade of models are based on a 2 year old FlowMac library version 6.0.7.

The current version 6.0.9, upgraded exclusively by Papermac AB includes more than 100 upgrade activities compared to version 6.0.7. Run the pump demo from this page.


2009-03-29 03:40Upgrade of pump blocks

Energy optimization in


 ♦ You will get a complete list of all pump flows for all grades produced and a split per year.

 ♦ You can list all pumps where You have a potential to save energy.

 ♦ You will be able to study your pipe systems and see the result of change in operation of the pump like other pump, like other wheel diameter or rpm.

 ♦ Your pump diagrams are scanned  and its algoritms added to selected pumps in the FlowMac model.

 ♦ Everything in Flowmac version 6.0.9

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2009-02-17 21:29Reports as text files

Since many years FlowMac Reports block has generated model data in text files, which in turn easily can be opened in Excel, Open office and many othere softwares. If any customer prefer data to be reported directly to Excel there is no problem to upgrade with this function. But for instance Norske Skog, the most experienced FlowMac user, loves text files as they are flexible och possible to be opened in many different applications. No need for export direct to Excel says Öivind Opdal.Thanks for that! Anybody having another opinion? So far nobody than a former partner that was fired.


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2009-02-09 17:29FlowMac Version 6.0.9- Download 090209

The legal FlowMac. Now available for download from by licenced and upgraded FlowMac users. Includes an better functionality for dimension change.

You can now design your model in your prefered dimension, say lpm, bdkgmin and C and then by new selections in the licence block change to for instance GPM, BDSTPD and Fahrenheit. Great för engineering and suppliers.


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