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2009-01-21 00:45PulpMac-No More KraftMac

Pulp-Mac AB and Bengt Nilsson has upgraded KraftMac and renamed it to PulpMac. The product KraftMac for extend is then no more on the market. Some powerful upgrades made in FlowMac supplied by Papermac AB are included.

PulpMac covers processes for kraft chemical pulping and can be supplied in a total library or in separate libraries for Digesting, Evaporations plant, Rcovery plant, etc. For furher informationc ontact

2009-01-10 01:48FlowMac version 6.0.9

Now on the server for download to upgraded users. More than 100 upgrades, 20 bugs eliminated and 15 new blocks. Better than ever. Modelling of the mill balance and unbalance much stronger and the worlds number one tool in this area.

Thanks for great support given by GLV and Norske Skog.

Dimension change of input data in a model is great for suppliers and engineering companies.US units are improved.

Reports to excel or open office is simple and there  is no need for database software. That comes in Extendsim7 without complicated installation of MSQL server.

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2008-12-01 01:43FlowMac version 6.0.9 -Upgraded 081117-1203

Blocks for mechanical separation of fiber and steam, Fiber accelerator and Perifeeder, have been added to Pulp lix to fulfill needs of ÅF-process in modelling of a TMP-plant.

Norske Skog have contributed with upgrade of Blocks Reports and Metring Point for comparison of emperical and simulated flow data. Of interest in a study of flow temperatures in a mill model. Temperature of the effluent has to be below a specified level to keep bacterias alive.

The block Reports can now generate a report (ASCI file) by a button or from a diamond input connector.

GL&V have contributed with support in the function dimension change -  of great interest for suppliers and engineering companies.

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2008-11-14 18:52Dimension Change

An upgraded FlowMac version 6.0.9 will be released November 17. Dimensions for flow, Solids and temperature in the model can now be converted from the licence block. Extremely strong function for suppliers as Voith, Metso, GLV and engineering companies. GLV has prepared its Celleco library for Dimension Change.You are welcome to contact


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2008-10-09 20:26MaxiMac-A new library in FlowMac

MaxiMac is a library filled with hierachical blocks for a selected region of a papermachine or pulp process.

The blocks can be used separately e.g a Screening block for analysis of screening installation. Same for Broke systems, Stock preparation, Approach flow Sytem

The hierarchical blocks can easily be connected to each other in order to design a complete process from wood plant to Papermachine reel.

MaxiMac is based on the latest upgrade of FlowMac libraries version 6.0.8

Ask for detailed information.

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