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2008-10-08 19:47Mill modeling-a reference

Letter from a customer:

As a 10 year papermanufacturing superintendent, I am very impressed how easy Flowmac is to use and develop models of our process, particularly for someone like myself who had very little experience doing this type of work.  I have received exceptional support and training building a scaled model of the interface between the pulp mill and the 2 papermachines for scheduling purposes.  The variety of equipment blocks in the libraries is critical to good modeling and Flowmac offers many choices.  Nice product. Tom RadovichOperation SuperintendentPaper Sappi Fine Paper NACloquet Operations USA

The modelling work has been mainly done in several Flowmeetings on the web. No travelling at all and no emmision of Carbondioxide.

Lars Nyborg


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2008-10-08 00:09Upgrades in FlowMac-Production Plan

During the last year upgrading of FlowMac has been intensified. Norske Skog is running a full model for its mill in Skogn and for each papermachine there is a production plan running specified grades and production. The balance of fiber and water for the mill is simulated to support decisions. different strategies for run of the mill are tested. The project generated many new ideas and upgrades of FlowMac.

The same tools are used by a finepaper producer in US. Modelling work is done in Flowmewetings.

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2008-08-27 02:26FlowMacPaper for Windows

A new product, FlowMacPaper for Windows, is now available. FlowMacPaper is the first software entirely developed for papermachines.

Original FlowMac blocks are collected in a library FlowMacPaper to be offered to paper mills and used in their efforts to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce fresh water consumption and optimise the production of the papermachine. Many grades can be run in the same time to generate data in a text file openable in Excel or another spreadsheet.

FlowMac Paper is a lowcost alternative to FlowMac. Adds for TMP, coating,Cod balance can be added. Support in modelling work is included.

Read about FlowMacPaper in the left column.

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2008-08-17 01:47Customer Services
Papermac AB will within August present an agreement with customers for FlowMac Support, upgrades, training and process technology forum. MillMac AB is not involved in this activities any more. New ,more active competence, is entering FlowMac during the coming years.

2008-08-05 19:28Coating.lix further improved

Coating lix has been further improved and can now handle slurry density. Comment from one customer:

"Thanks for your Email with the modified coating library.
I did some modeling work for the coating on the PM 4 in Bruck. The model runs very well with correct coating colour density. - Excellent! Now I have also a very good model of the coating in Bruck.". Harald Janish

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