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2008-06-30 04:49New Upgrade of FlowMac

Users can now dowload FM6libs080630 and FM6tutor080630 from the server. Due to security there are new download codes for each user. Ask your contact man for the code. If he does not have it ask him to mail his name, phone numbers and adress.

More than 400 hours have been spent by Lars Nyborg ot the ugrading work. Important users as Norske Skog and GL&V have given valuable contribution. FlowMac is now stronger than ever and trying to ask users for further improvements most of them cannot specify what. All of it is there especially for the engineering companies using FlowMac in preengineering studies. But there will be another upgrade coming in August after summer holidays.


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2008-05-27 16:45FlowMac Conference 2008

here were 16 participants in the conference taking place in the Citadel of Kastellholmen in Stockholm. Beatiiful weather.

Excellent papers covering many aspect on use of FlowMac, were presented. Modellng of a complete mill, a deinking plant, engineering work, the STFI Cappi project , how to connect other softwares to Extend were some of the topics.

Both lunch and dinner were served on the ship Segelkronan and there were a real feel of the sea wawes when other boats bypassed.

You can read thefull the program under FlowMac conference in Papermacs home page.  

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2008-05-21 04:37The Madrid Simulation Conference

85 delegates were engaged in  the conference may12-14.

Lars Nyborg presented a paper with the title "Decision support and debottlenecking of the papermachine". It was demonstrated how several grades can be run in the same simulation run and how bottlenecks are detected at increase of speed. Everything without any database . Bottleneck reports were presented in excel by a reporting block.

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2008-05-07 22:11MiniMac

I will confirm that Papermac AB has nothing to do with minimac, something presented to FlowMac customers by MillMac AB. The idea seems to be improved  cosmetics for dialogs and help and managing of warnings, everything  to a reduced number of blocks. FlowMac is continously upgraded by Papermac AB and it also includes that type of very cheap and simple work. Many warnings have been upgraded to reduce trouble in modelling work. Warnings ar presented in different ways, among others by the report block. A bottleneck report generated as a text file openable in excel is one example.

Upgrading of FlowMac if focused on more sophisticated functions as bottlenecking of processes, new blocks for gas turbine, turbocompressors,energy blocks etc. An upgraded version will be launched in end of May.

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2008-03-08 18:16FlowMac Upgrade and News

On the download server are now upgraded FM6libs080101- including a new library named Tools. The library FlowMac became too large had to be reloaded and some blocks moved to Tools.lix. New blocks are Input Data, Production Plan, Turbocompressor, Gas Turbine and Air Fan. Read about them in FM6blocks downloaded from the server.

Cancel and Cancel4to6 libraries are now in a separate zip file. They are not changed during the last year.

All tutorials are checked and corrected in V6. They are in the best condition ever.

All blockx and Tutorials can now also be opened in Exrtendsim7 withouut any compilation of libraries. Saved V7 models cannot be opeened in V6.

All new upgrades are so far done in Extend version 6.

Please mail me your upgrade contact person as all download passwords will be changed during april.

Lars Nyborg


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