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2008-03-04 01:03FlowPlayer-Produce a Video
PaperMac has ordered from Netviewer a new function that can produce a video from your Flowmeeting. It is recommended that a meeting ends up with a summary to be recorded. Even your voice is recorded and the vidoeo can be played by anybody having the recorded file. Great!

2008-02-12 16:47Extendsim7 and animation
Tests have shown that Extendsim7 is at least 3 times slower than version 6 if animation is selected during simulation run. Without animation speeds are the same. Results are discussed wirth ImagineThat.

2008-01-20 01:14Enprima Ltd becomes a FlowMac user
Enprima Ltd, Finland, aquired by ÅF Sweden, becomes a new user of FlowMac. Enprima is Finlands leading energy consultant. Enprima is also well established in Eastern Europe and Russia.
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2008-01-15 22:49Upgrade FlowMac dec 2008

Dear users,

Welcome to the new home page of FlowMac. Here you will find anything you need for upgrade and training in FlowMac. There is still som work to do to the movies. Test one flash model!

The libraries named FM6LibsDec2007 have been upgraded a lot. Open the mox file modelling support and Upgrade070601- to find out what has been done during the last half year. Most of the upgrades are initiated by customers and their needs.

Please visit continously to find out improvements. Do not hesitate to ask for upgrades of FlowMac if you have an upgrade contract.

Best Regards


2008-01-08 22:55Extendsim7 released.
Imagine That Inc has started to supply Extendsim7, a version upgraded from version6. There are some problems to solve before it can be used by FlowMac. Version 6 can still be delivered during 2008.
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