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2008-01-08 22:30Gas Turbine block
A sophisticated Gas turbine block, initially developed in the university of Lund, Sweden, has been added to Heat.lix. It is now tested by Norske Skog in France.
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2007-11-18 01:01Flowmeetings
Flowmeetings have become a success story. Support to customers having modelling problems or like to discuss new ideas is given almost daily. Strong support is one key feature of FlowMac.

Papermac offers on line expert support and training. Experienced professionals work with you, on your or his screen to support you in achieving pulp and papermaking success.

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2007-11-18 00:46Pump Upgrade

The pump block involves engineering of inlet and outlet pipes. Both flow and diameter data can now be animated at the end of the simulation run.

2007-11-17 19:53Crane AB new customer of Papermac AB

Crane AB, Tumba Pappersbruk, has accuired FlowMac for modelling of their stock preparation and paper machine processes. Main user is Ebbe Stenberg, earlier a superuser of FlowMac in AF Consult AB. His experience wit FlowMac is outstanding.

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2007-10-20 21:58New HD-Tower

After many trials Papermac has now developed a high density tower that operates with dynamics and a plug Flow.



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