FlowMac has so far been used for modelling of TMP, deinking plants and more than 100 papermachines for production of sack kraft, MG kraft, fine paper, coated papers, Tissue (3-ply), SC newsprint, paperboard and linerboard. Software and models have been supplied companies as Holmen Paper, MoDo, SCA/Sappi, STORA, Papyrus, ASSI Domän, Norske Skog, PFI, Norway, Håfreströms AB, Shotton, Amcor ,Celleco, Noss, Cyclotech, Fiedler, Voith and Valmet. The references are sorted in different types of users:


One super reference is Hans Hallström, ÅF Process, Sweden who wrote:

As an experienced senior process consultant specialising in the papermaking field with more than 40 years working in pulpa and paper industry, I have during the last 20 years used FlowMac as a tool to evaluate and to present and discuss process solutions and concepts to various clients. FlowMac is a very efficient tool when analysing different process solutions and concepts and also when communicating the different findings to the customer.

In the final documentation, for example in a feasibility study, the FlowMac balance will give information about the final process concept, all important process flows at specified production capacity, new or upgraded equipment, additional instrumentation for an optimal process function and new or replaced pipe lines and control valves.   

Several projects in less developed countries have had a heavy emphasis on transfer of knowledge and training, both during and after completion of design and start-up and in these projects FlowMac has been the perfect tool.

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Latest news

Support and Upgrade of FlowMac

In the mid of 2014 I will close my and papermac AB:s responsibility for supply, upgrade and support of FlowMac. The reason is age and a very ... [Read more]

So far tests has shown that FlowMac can be operated by Extnedsim9. Models having up to 75 blocks can be rebuilt in Extendsim9LT.

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Linerboard machine model
A Linerboard machine model used for production increase is now available in FlowMac. It is produced by the most experienced user of FlowMac.

An upgraded version of Extendsim is on the way. It has many promising new functions. Papermac will test it and upgrade FlowMac.

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Windows 8
Tested by one experienced customer. Extend6 runs without problem

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