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Improve your process Knowledge!

FlowMac will engage people and give them much of process knowledge. Modelling work will help understanding of the process. One important reason is that FlowMac simulates realities with equipment from the mill (hundreds of blocks) and controls done in about the same way as in the mill. There are in a papermachine model basis weight meter, basis weight valve, headbox lip adjustment, etc promoting understanding and training of the user.

Included in FlowMac there are  about 300 tutorial FlowMac models, including a complete pulp and paper plant,and many complete pulp and paper plants. Tools both for learning FlowMac and learning pulp and papermaking.

FlowMac has been used in training of students in Royal technical Institute (KTH) in Sweden,University of Manchester in England and university of Complutense, Madrid in Spain.

Latest news

Support and Upgrade of FlowMac

In the mid of 2014 I will close my and papermac AB:s responsibility for supply, upgrade and support of FlowMac. The reason is age and a very ... [Read more]

So far tests has shown that FlowMac can be operated by Extnedsim9. Models having up to 75 blocks can be rebuilt in Extendsim9LT.

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Linerboard machine model
A Linerboard machine model used for production increase is now available in FlowMac. It is produced by the most experienced user of FlowMac.

An upgraded version of Extendsim is on the way. It has many promising new functions. Papermac will test it and upgrade FlowMac.

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Windows 8
Tested by one experienced customer. Extend6 runs without problem

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